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European Cinema Yearbook

Annuario statistico del cinema europeo

Les chiffres clefs du cinéma européen

Anuario estadístico del cine europeo 


Ventesima edizione – twenthieth edition – vingtième édition – vigésima edición

"After this, the evening we are in the world of silence. I don’t want ask you any words anymore, at least not in several hours, and I tell myself I shouldn’t talk to you either, at least tonight. You not want talk to me. The air in the house becomes heavy. Finally you say to me: ‘Come with me to see a film.’ I take my jacket and I follow you. We are driving the white van to the cinema. Oh, cinema saves our life."

Xiaolu Guo, A Concise Chinese - English Dictionary For Lovers
© Vintage Books, London, 2008.