MEDIA Salles,
the initiative on behalf of European cinemas, with the support of the MEDIA Programme and the Italian Government,

has carried out the seventh edition of the exhibitor training course:

DigiTraining Plus 2010:
European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies

Helsinki, 17-21 February 2010


Participants at the DGT 2010

Q&A session at the DGT 2010

Kimmo Lohman, Cinema Manager Bio Grand Cinema

Leena Laaksonen, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

Michael Karagosian, President of MKPE Consulting Llc

Delegates at work

Fabrice Testa, XDC

Anthony Williams, Moderator of the course


Discovering Finnish Food - Lunch on 18th February 2010



The view from the course venue - Finnish Film Foundation Auditorium

From left - Ake Hedlund and Ulf Jansson, Sweden

Arthur Volgers, The Netherlands

Carlo Masini, Italy

From left - Daniel Hromadko and Petr Vitek, Czech Republic

Maeve Cooke, Ireland

Marian Pliestik, Czech Republic

Markuu Eriksson, Finland

Michael Karagosian, MKPE

Oleg Berezin, NevaFilm

Ramon Reissmuller and Anna Schonbeck, Sweden

One of the organisers hadn’t realised that Helsinki is in Northern Europe ...

From left - Rolv Gjestland and Michael Karagosian

Raffaele Pagnotta, Italy

Walter Munarini

Mikko Kuutti, NAVA

Jan Petersen, Denmark

The group at Flamingo Cinema


Visit to Bio Grand Cinema on Friday 19 February 2010



From left: Michael Vickers, Elisabetta Brunella, Anthony Williams,
Harri Ahokas, Ritta Haapiainen and Marcello Mazzucotelli

Michael Karagosian, MKPE (US)

Q&A on the Scandinavian situation

Daniel Hromadko, BrickBox Digital Media (Czech Republic)

Oleg Berezin, Nevafilm (Russia)

Visit to Bio Grand Cinema - delegates at work


Jonathan Davis

Visit to NAVA - Inside the projection booth

Visit to Bio Grand Cinema - inside the projection booth

Participants filling the questionnaires

From left - Mike Vickers, MEDIA Salles and Vittorio Polin, Italy

Sara Norberg (Finland) receiving the Certificate of Attendance

From left - Harri Ahokas, Finnish Film Foundation and Mike Vickers, MEDIA Salles

From left - Mike Vickers, MEDIA Salles and Fiorina Sage, UCC