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Since 1992 MEDIA Salles has been promoting the European cinema and its circulation at theatrical level




The concept of Focus on Europe

In the framework of MEDIA Promotion, MEDIA Salles has organized a series of events under the "Focus on Europe" heading, promoting European products and fostering the awareness of Europe's cinema cultures at the most important professional meetings of cinema exhibitors in the major world markets

Aims of "Focus on Europe" are:

  • spreading information on recent European films
  • giving higher visibility to European films
  • facilitating contacts among professionals
  • making available statistical data on European film industry
  • offering opportunities to debate the role of European cinema on the global market
  • fostering the awareness of Europe's cinema cultures


  • European Cinema On-line Database (http://www.mediasalles.it)
  • Screenings of films at cinemas
  • Screenings of trailers and full films on video monitor
  • Organisation of round tables
  • Delegation of artists
  • Awards for International Achievement in Exhibition and Distribution
  • Articles advertising the events in magazines
  • Committee of Honour


  • Exhibitors
  • Distributors
  • Players of the European film industry

The targeted fairs, for which MEDIA Salles obtained also the patronage of Eurimages-Council of Europe, include:

At the "Focus on Europe" events, the MEDIA Salles stand provides the focal point for European and extra-European cinema professionals to access and exchange information on forthcoming European products. Each convention has attendance up to 2 000 professionals from all over the world. In the MEDIA Salles' arena, several activities are carried out:

  • The MEDIA Salles stand hosts screenings of trailers of new European releases.
  • Interested professionals can access information at the MEDIA Salles stand on forthcoming European products. An Internet link-up also allows to surf on MEDIA Salles' European Cinema On-line Database (http://www.mediasalles.it), the information tool that supplies detailed information on recent European films, and companies involved in the production, distribution, world sales and theatrical release of European titles. By means of the Database, MEDIA Salles intends to facilitate the circulation of European product on the major world markets.
  • Another feature is big screen showings of films new to the host country
  • Prizes are awarded to professionals who have achieved excellent results in the exhibition and distribution of European films and who have been innovative in the exhibition field.
  • MEDIA Salles organizes round table discussions with industry professionals who bring their wide-ranging experience to analysis of the role of European cinema in the global market, marketing strategies for European films, and techniques to improve their visibility and competitive edge

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