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FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special - Speciale ragazzi
Last update: 17 March 2005






"FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special"
Kidflix Special Malmö 2005


MEDIA Salles


“FOCUS ON EUROPE – Kidflix Special”
at Malmö (Sweden)
in collaboration with “BUFF 2005”
10-13 MARCH 2005

Following the editions organised in Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic,
in 2005 Focus on Europe moves to Sweden


This initiative addresses exhibitors from the countries belonging to the MEDIA
Programme who are committed to programming for young people and schools.

Exchange of experiences

The “Euro Kids” award for the best children’s film
“Euro Kids” award to theatres for programming,
organisation of ancillary activities and promotion.

First prize for the theatres will be 1,000 euros, second prize 750 euros and third prize 500 euros. All cinemas in the countries belonging to the MEDIA Programme, and which carry out specific programming for young people and schools, qualify for entry, independently of their participation in the “Focus on Europe” event.

Deadline for applications to the awards: 21 February 2005

MEDIA Salles will offer hotel accommodation and meals, from supper on 10 March to breakfast on 13 March, to the first 40 exhibitors (one per cinema) to communicate - no later than 21 February 2005 – their intention to take part in the “Focus on Europe” event. A contribution will also be made towards travelling expenses.

For further information, please contact the MEDIA Salles offices (Tel.: +39 02 66984405, e-mail: