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By air:
Praha-Ruzyne airport is Prague international airport.
For information about the city public transports, buses and public taxi service to Ruzyne Airport, please visit the Ruzyne Airport's site at the page at the section "services - transport".
You can find the connections between Prague Ruzyne Airport and the main European cities at the Ruzyne Airport's website ( at the section "On-line Arrivals & Departures".
Direct flights are available from the main European cities and low cost flights are provided by low fares airlines, such as:

On 3 June MEDIA Salles has organised a transfer by private bus from the Prague Ruzyne airport to Zlín.
A similar service from Zlín to Prague is foreseen on 5 June.
For further information on these services, please contact MEDIA Salles' offices.

By car:
You can find the shortest car route to Zlín at (only in Czech).

By bus:
The bus network in the Czech Republic is relatively good. The Zlín bus station is located in the northeastern part of Zlín, close to the town centre. You can find a bus line that suits you best at or at

By train:
Railway lines to Zlín:
PRAGUE - Olomouc - Prerov - Otrokovice - ZLÍN
VIENNA - Breclav - Otrokovice - ZLÍN
OSTRAVA - Prerov - Otrokovice - ZLÍN
BRATISLAVA - Breclav - Otrokovice - ZLÍN

You will find the best train line at or at

Transport in Zlín:
Public transport (together with the Czech Railways Otrokovice - Zlín - Vizovice line) covers the whole territory of Zlín. You can use buses, trolleybuses or trains. Fares are from 30 eurocent to 40 eurocent (children under 15 pay 20 eurocent).
For more information go to (only in Czech).

Many companies organise guided visits and trips to Prague and its surroundings.
You can visit the website as an example.