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FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special - Speciale ragazzi






"FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special"
at Prague & Zlín (Czech Republic)
in collaboration with the
"Zlín Film Festival 2004"
3-6 JUNE 2004

Application form for the "Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special"

Application form for the "Euro Kids" award

Dear friends,

I take great pleasure in informing you that this year MEDIA Salles is once again organizing a "Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special" event, to which all European exhibitors from countries belonging to the MEDIA Programme and committed to programming for young people and schools are warmly invited.

Following the successful collaboration with the festivals of Castellinaria in Switzerland and Giffoni in Italy, MEDIA Salles' tradition of synergy with the leading European film festivals for young people is continuing, with this year's event reaching the heart of Eastern Europe.
For the 2004 edition, which will be held from 3 to 6 June, MEDIA Salles has, in fact, established collaboration with the Zlín Festival in the Czech Republic, which has been active for over forty years in proposing international films to children and young people.

The initiative offers exhibitors an opportunity to become familiar with a selection of European films for younger audiences, suitable for international circulation, and to share their most significant experiences in organising ancillary activities for movie theatres and promotional activities.
A whole day (5 June) will be spent in Prague, where participants will have the chance to visit cinemas and acquire first-hand experience of the modes of cinema-going offered to young people by the Czech capital.

We trust that this Focus on Europe event will once more lead to collaboration between professional players and encourage the development of new ideas for fostering the international circulation of European audiovisual products for children.

The Zlín Festival
Now in its 44th edition, the Zlín "International Film Festival for Children and Youth" boasts one of the most long-standing traditions in this field. The Festival takes place under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Czech UNICEF committee and the Czech UNESCO commission.
In 2003, the festival offered the 1,800 official guests as many as 232 films from 34 countries.
Further information about the festival is available at the website:

Zlín 2004: 44th International Film
Festival for Children and Youth

The MEDIA Salles awards
This year we are again continuing our now firmly-established tradition of "Euro Kids" awards, not only for the European film singled out for international distribution, but also for the theatres that have carried out the best work in promoting European films with young audiences.
The first prize for the theatres will be 1,000 euro, the second 750 euro and the third 500 euro. All cinemas from countries belonging to the MEDIA Programme and which carry out special programming for children and schools are eligible to take part, independently of their participation at the "Focus on Europe" event.

Entries should be sent by fax to +39.02.6691574, or to the e-mail address (it is important to remember that this is the only e-mail address), using the attached entry form, no later than 17 May 2004.

The MEDIA Salles contribution
As usual, MEDIA Salles will offer hotel accommodation and meals from supper on 3 June to breakfast on 6 June to the first 40 exhibitors (one per cinema), who communicate their intention to take part in the "Focus on Europe" event by 24 May. Any applications received after this date will be individually evaluated. Five exhibitors from the Czech Republic will be given priority in the assignment of places. MEDIA Salles will also contribute a lump sum towards travelling expenses for the first 40 exhibitors.
Further details will be available at the MEDIA Salles website ( as from 7 April.

Outline of programme
3 June
Morning: arrivals in Prague
Late morning/early afternoon: transfer from Prague airport (Ruzyne) to Zlín (arranged by the organisation)
Afternoon & evening: activities in Zlín

4 June
Activities in Zlín

5 June
Morning: transfer to Prague (arranged by the organisation)
Afternoon & evening: activities in Prague

6 June
Morning: conclusion of event. (Participants will be responsible for transport to the airport).

The participants at Focus on Europe will stay in Zlín on the nights of 3 and 4 June and in Prague on the night of 5 June. Transfers from Prague to Zlín and vice versa will be arranged by the organisation.

We look forward to seeing you in Zlín from 3 to 6 June,

Jens Rykaer

P.S.: We invite you to visit the website ( where during the next weeks we'll publish additional information and where you can find all the documentation about the 2003 edition of "Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special" held in Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno - Italy) in the framework of the Giffoni Film Festival.