Support from the Regions for Digitalisation*

Le Marche
Since 2009 the Region of Le Marche has taken steps to support cinemas facing conversion to the new technologies.
The new call for applications launched at the beginning of the year closed on 8 April 2013. The overall financing for this new support comes to a little under one million euros, in the context of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF 2007-2013).
The contributions - amounting to a maximum of 50% of eligible costs - is destined for the purchase of equipment for digital projection but also for satellite reception systems, advertising material and the costs of re-equipping the projection room.

The 2013 Financial law, approved last December by the Abruzzo Region, includes an amendment - presented by Councillor Menna - on facilitations for small companies managing movie theatres, in order to improve their market position.
In particular, there will be support for the cost of purchasing digital projection equipment, as well as equipment for satellite reception and for re-equipping projection rooms, plant and ancillary rooms.
The initial overall financing budgeted is of 100 000 euros.

With a view to initiating possible measures for supporting Basilicata's movie theatres, at the beginning of April a meeting was held between Vito De Filippo, President of the Basilicata Region, Alberto Versace, President of the Coordinating Committee of "Sensi Contemporanei" and Head of the Development Policies Department at the Ministry for Economic Development, Paride Leporace, Director of the Lucania Film Commission, the representatives of AGIS and ANEC (the Italian Cinema Exhibitors' Association) and the owners and managers of cinemas in Basilicata. During the discussion emphasis was placed on the crucial importance of the conversion to digital technology for the 25 screens active in the region and the need for support measures for exhibitors. In particular the President of the Region De Filippo expressed the Region's intention to intervene in the "Sensi Contemporanei" project promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

* This article updates the articles published in DGT online informer nos. 89, 88, 82.