Support from the Regions for Digitalisation*

On 30 November the Call for Projects and Regulation of Intervention for the technological updating of Sicily's small and medium-sized cinema exhibitors* was published. The measure, which had already been announced last Spring (see DGT Online Informer no. 82), has finally been implemented and makes available 3 million euros for the digitalization of movie theatres in Sicily. It takes its place in the broader plan for the development of the Region's audiovidual industry constituted by the II Supplementary Act, Contemporary Senses - The development of the audiovisual industry in Southern Italy*.
The call and its attachments are published on the institutional website of the Department for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment:

Lombardy confirms its position as one of the most active Regions in terms of support for the digitalization of cinemas, to which 4 different calls for applications have been devoted.In the first 3 calls (with an investment of 5 million euros) 80 theatres were digitalized, whilst the fourth has just closed with an allocation of 1.5 million.
The Region of Lombardy has very recently signed an agreement with Banca Intesa and its subsidiary, Banca Prossima, to activate a revolving fund of 10 million euros.
The financing may be provided in different forms, from the anticipation of public contributions to the granting of credit as "cover for temporary cash requirements", right up to investments for the installation of digital equipment.
Applications must be presented directly at Banca Intesa's branches and decisions regarding the financing are at the Bank's discretion, whilst the Region will carry out checks and monitor the progress of the applications every three months.

* This article updates the articles published in DGT online informer nos. 88, 82.