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International Edition No. 87
year 7 - 1 September 2012


From the ninth edition of the course
“DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies”

29 August - 2 September 2012

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A sailing boat will accompany participants directly to the entrance of the Cinema Oostereiland, Hoorn's new arthouse movie theatre.

Arising out of the restoration of an old prison, the complex comprises three fully digital auditoriums (seating respectively 110, 56 and 35), to which NVB has dedicated a brief portrait as part of a series of movie clips on cinemas built in Holland in 2011 and 2012.

Margret Wagenaar, Director of the Oostereiland, reflects on the opportunities and risks involved in quality programming: alongside premières and successful commercial films, the cinema offers its audiences film classics, documentaries and works by independent and experimental artists. Training is another important activity that sees the cinema's staff involved in projects for schools and cinema courses, both practical and theoretical, for children and teenagers.

In the evocative framework of the Oostereiland, Jorien Scholtens (Filmonderzoek) presents the results of the research he has carried out into the effects of the digital transition on the whole chain of the Dutch cinema industry. This is followed by the screening of alternative content selected by Christine Costello of the English company More2Screen.

In the afternoon it is back to the EYE Film Institute, where Frank De Neeve (Cineserver) and Marieke Jonker (Amstelfilm) outline the present panorama of digital in Holland, focusing on the keyword "flexibility", the essential forma mentis for making the most of the opportunities offered by digital in a creative and dynamic way.

Michael Karagosian then analyzes the potential of the new technologies finalized towards making cinema-going accessible to those with disabilities connected to vision or hearing, thanks to digital sub-titling systems or audio descriptions.

What will tomorrow's cinemas be like? Our eyes turn towards the future and its prospects for the cinema experience, thanks to the closing talk, which is entrusted to the competence and intelligence of Thomas Hoegh, founder of Arts Alliance Media.

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