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  International Edition No. 57 - year 5 - 19 February 2010


From the seventh edition of the course
“DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies”

Helsinki, 17-21 February 2010

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A close-up on digitalization in Finland without losing sight of the situation in Europe and worldwide: this is the approach in the seventh edition of the course “DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies” now being held in Helsinki and in its third day.
Whilst yesterday Oleg Berezin outlined the rapid development of the new technology in Russia (the number of digital screens has increased from 91 to 353 in just one year and 99% of them are also equipped for 3D – digital is used to supply alternative content of cultural interest for the theatres, also incorporating footage as in the case of the documentary being prepared for the hundredth anniversary of the death of Lev Tolstoy) and Marieke Jonker presented the situation in Holland, observing it through the eyes of an independent distributor who considers digital a chance to improve the circulation of European and independent films, today Erik Hamre explained the strategy of Emerging Pictures which brings Opera from the most prestigious European theatres into the world’s cinemas.
Many sessions but also visits to cinemas in the avant-garde of digital projection. The first visit by the sixty DGT participants was to the Bio Grand of Tikkurila. Founded in 1939, rebuilt in 1984, this single-screen cinema began a new phase in its long history in September 2009, with the installation of the digital 3D projector. Kimmo Lohman, a third-generation exhibitor, explained how this innovation is intended to increase competitivity in a theatre that addresses mainly a family audience and a mature public, looking for personalized service in their nearest cinema.
The second stage was at the Flamingo Cinema of Vantaa, a complex belonging to Finnkino, where 2 of the 6 theatres are equipped with digital 3D technology. Here Ari Saarinen shared with course participants his technical knowledge, the fruit of many years of direct experience: it was he who planned and directed the whole process of digitalization for the leading Finnish exhibition chain, which also manages cinemas in the Baltic republics.
A Grand Finale at the Finnish Film Archive where the Deputy Director Mikko Kuutti welcomed the course participants, offering a screening with SXRD technology, organized especially for them thanks to the collaboration of Sony.

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