International Edition No.5 - year 1 - 14 March 2006


Cinemas, audiences and technologies are changing fast.
Are you ready for the new scenario?

DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for European Cinemas
5-9 April 2006, Kuurne (Belgium)

5th April is coming closer and closer: this issue of “DGT online informer”, launched over a month ago now with the task of accompanying us, through its contents, towards the “DigiTraining Plus” 2006 course, is purposely devoted entirely to the appointment in Kuurne. The form that the course has gradually assumed during these months of preparation, and which this issue gives a significant preview of, foresees five days of intense training. 
Digital cinema: what shall we be discussing? What changes and who for? What technology? What do I need to set up my digital cinema? Who pays? How to obtain more digital films? These are some of the numerous questions which we have decided to use as the basis for designing the training sessions in Belgium, since we believe it is essential for the key players in cinema exhibition who are experiencing the switch to digital, or will have to deal with it in the future, to be able to search for and share practical solutions.
Inspired by these questions, “DigiTraining Plus 2006” is intended to shed light on the field of the digital according to a teaching approach based on the distinctive features of the combination between theoretical principles and practical application and the involvement of those who represent economic players outside the cinematographic chain, but who are nonetheless essential for making it possible to advance successfully towards a new phase of technology.

We hope you enjoy your reading and hope to see many of you in Kuurne,

Domenico Dinoia,
President of MEDIA Salles

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Opinions and expectations from participants in the 2006 edition

 "My expectations of 'DigiTraining Plus' 2006 are to get closer to digital technologies and gain more knowledge about business models. I would like to meet European exhibitors who have already started to invest in new technologies and understand if there is market for digital projection".

Pablo Rubio,
Chief Operating Officer of Cinesur Circuito Sānchez Ramade, Spain
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"As in the case of other Spanish exhibitors, I realise that in a few years’ time digital projection will be a fact for all our theatres. So my objective is to gain the best information at   present   available  for  this
changeover. To make sure our offer continues to be worthy of its reputation, we wish to offer our audiences the best, from a technological point of view as well. This means that being able to draw on a detailed knowledge of current digital technology is of crucial importance to us".

Enrique Martinez,
Technical Director of Yelmo Cineplex, Spain

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"The moment when digital technology will establish itself is near: for me, taking part in the MEDIA Salles' course means having the opportunity to update my competences in this field, partly through an exchange with experts and colleagues from other countries".

Osmo Peltonen,
Exhibitor, Savon Kinot Oy, Finland

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