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International Edition No. 164 - year 15 - 22 February 2020

Special issue on the occasion of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival

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Admissions of domestic films (including co-productions) in Europe in 2019 (thousands)
and their percentage out of total admissions

Click on the map and, where available, you will obtain the titles of the highest grossing films in each country

D: Figures provided by the distributors, according to which 2019 total admissions amount to 115 678 119.
I: Cinetel data (3 542 screens).
UK: Percentage of box office (UK films wholly or partly financed and controlled by a US studio, but featuring UK cast, crew, locations, facilities, post-production and often UK source material as well as UK independent film).


Domestic films in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean Rim: 2019 highlights

We've said it many times before but it bears repeating: highly popular, domestic films - particularly comedies or productions linked to a country's history - are capable of bringing a specific range of spectators into the cinema; one that would not necessarily include cinema-going amongst its normal leisure activities.
Whilst awaiting a more systematic elaboration of the data on domestic cinema-going in 2019, here are a few "spoilers":

The most widely viewed film of all was "Vourate Geitonoi", the comedy based on an enormously successful television series launched in 2001.

The big-screen version brought almost 12 spectators out of a hundred into the movie theatres.

At the top of the admissions charts comes "Pats sau milijonierius" ("Fake millionnaire"), a domestic comedy that found favour with 4.9% of spectators in Lithuania in 2019.

The historical drama "Dveselu putenis" ("Blizzard of Souls") obtained the best box-office since the early ‘Nineties, accounting for 8.33% of admissions.

The country’s most popular film in 2019 is Estonian: entitled "Tõde ja õigus", it was the choice of almost 270,000 spectators, and accounted for 7.3% of tickets sold, bettering the result obtained by “Class Reunion 2”, the most widely viewed title in 2018 (147,000 tickets, equal to 4.0% of the total).

Czech Republic
A million and a half spectators for "Ženy v běhu", the most popular film in 2019, which accounted for 8.4% of the total tickets sold.

Once again in 2019, as in 2018, a domestic film accounted for 9% of admissions and topped the charts, coming in first place. This year it was "7. Koğuştaki Mucize".

2019 was a highly positive year for Romanian cinema, which almost doubled its audiences compared to 2018. The film "Oh Ramona!" - a comedy for teenagers - ranked in the top ten, in tenth place - the first time in years for a domestic production.

More interesting information is to be found on the website of New Film Europe, which this year joins AG Kino - Gilde and Cicae in the event "Meet the Arthouse Cinemas".

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Frequency per capita in Europe in 2019

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Admissions in Europe in 2019 (millions) and their percentage variations
with regard to 2018

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All the 2019 figures should be considered provisional.
The figures in italics are estimates.

To read the article on the cinema admissions in Europe in 2019 and the tables, see issue No. 163


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