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International Edition No. 123 - year 10 - 29 August 2015

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From the 12th edition of the course
Prague and Bratislava, 26 - 30 August 2015

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The course has returned to Prague, after a useful train journey which served to go over the key moments of the stay in Bratislava: from the warm welcome by Martin Kočiško, President of the Association of Slovak Filmclubs, to the pleasant discovery of Devìn, a typical Slovak wine chosen by Peter Dubecký in honour of the international guests; to the amazing visit to the Department of Digitalization where ninety - almost exclusively young - experts (a large number of whom female) in a variety of different disciplines take turns day and night in a "frenzy of patience" to reach their aim of restoring and digitalizing 1000 works of Slovak film heritage.
The fourth day opened with a focus on forming new audiences, held at the Aero Kino, part of the same circuit as the Svetozor, which is distinguished by its intense programme of activities for children and young people.
After the Aeroskola presentation by Linda Arbanová, head of the project, the participants were divided into two groups and got down to work.

They were given two objectives: to create a cartoon (we mustn't forget that the Czech Republic is the "mother country" of this art!) and understand, with the help of the architect, Adam Gebrian, how the very "shape" of a cinema can "speak" to audiences and help meet their requirements.
In the same perspective of focusing on different requirements and different types of audiences came the talk by Peter Bosma, a Dutch researcher, who has recently published a book on "the art of theatre programming".
The morning was devoted to making the most of the various different competences of the participants, most of whom exhibitors in independent cinemas - as can be seen from the photo-gallery we are publishing - but also - and perhaps at the same time - experts in marketing, communications, festival organization, the history of the cinema.
As this newsletter reaches MEDIA Salles' friends throughout the world, the course participants are about to meet Dave Monk, a university professor and veteran of digitalization, who will be leading an exchange on the evolution of the cinema in the next 10 years. The day will end with a visit to the Karel Zeman Museum, which will be opened this evening especially for the DGT 2015 course participants.


DGT 2015 Participants' ideograms


Informamos a nuestros seguidores que hablan español que el compañero de la revista Cineinforme Manuel Mansergas Monte está cubriendo el curso DigiTraining en exclusiva para España.

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