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International Edition No. 120 - year 10 - 26 August 2015
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From the 12th edition of the course
Prague and Bratislava, 26 - 30 August 2015

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Today in Prague sees the start of the course "DigiTraining Plus 2015: What do you do with digital now you've got it?"
Organized by MEDIA Salles with support from the European Commission and the Italian Government, this initiative has now reached its twelfth edition and this year avails itself of the partnership of the Czech Republic's cinematographic institutions.
The participants come from the widest range of European countries - from the Netherlands to Estonia, from Spain to Belarus, passing through Italy and Hungary. There are obviously many Czech participants, who were joined for the opening session held at the Světozor Kino - the number one venue for quality cinema in Prague - by professional players from the audiovisual industry and students from the country's film schools.
When opening the course, Mike Vickers, Treasurer of MEDIA Salles, stressed that the huge spread of digital screening technology and content distribution has determined a demand for professional capacities, as well as new training needs, that did not exist in the age of 35 mm. Thus, even though the MEDIA Salles statistics show that over 91% of screens in Europe are now digital, rather than talking about completing the transformation, we should be talking about a new beginning. This is why, as the 2015 subtitle of the course suggests, it will be making room for new competences and innovative initiatives.
Ondřej Šír, President of APK, the Czech exhibitors' association, drew attention to the exceptional efforts made by the companies and institutions of the Czech Republic for the digital conversion of one of the most widespread chains of cinemas in central-eastern Europe, characterised by the offer of films on the big screen even outside the more densely populated areas.
After Michael Karagosian's keynote address - a broad overview of the developments in digital worldwide, both completed and underway - the course participants will experience one of the opportunities offered by digital projection: the presentation of restored works from our film heritage. The context for this screening, accompanied by live music, will be a former railway station now used to host cultural events.

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Watch the video by Czech artist Karolína Slováková and ideally join DGT 2015

Informamos a nuestros seguidores que hablan español que el compañero de la revista Cineinforme Manuel Mansergas Monte está cubriendo el curso DigiTraining en exclusiva para España.

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