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International Edition No. 110 - year 9 - 11 July 2014


From the eleventh edition of the course
"DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for the European Cinemas of the Future"
Munich and Lake Constance
9 - 13 July 2014
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Devoted mainly to technological developments, yesterday, 10 July, opened with the talk by Franz Kraus, Chairman of ARRI. Taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology installed in the ARRI Kino, Kraus played extracts from a sound track reproduced according to the various standards that have gradually replaced analogical sound, demonstrating that technology in this field has now reached a level of excellence. In other words, today it is capable of offering the maximum quality perceivable by the human ear. The same cannot be said for the digital image, where a lot still remains to be done, not so much regarding resolution - whose importance is often overestimated, but in terms of colour range and contrast. This is what was stressed by Michael Karagosian who, when talking about digital 2.0, in other words something that does not exist yet but is to be expected in the near future, pointed to High Dynamic Range as promising technology for improving images in the digital age.

Quality is the keyword that came up more than once in the talk by Benjamin Dauhrer, who shared with the participants at DigiTraining the experience of Cinecittà, the complex in Nuernberg fitted with 19 screens - four of which VIP - whose strong points lie precisely in its technology.

Jens Kayser, of NEC, again spoke about the evolution in quality but also about reducing management costs, presenting a comparison between today's projector using the xenon lamp and the one expected in the near future, using laser.

Theoretical sessions on 10 July, but also hands-on experience, starting with the tour of ARRI's department of digital cinema, capable of producing up to 500 digital copies a day destined for the whole of the German-speaking market in Europe, and ending with a visit to the Zebra Kino in Constance. A small cinema (ninety or so seats) but exuding energy and passion which, although relying mainly on voluntary work, managed to raise the non-negligible sum of 20,000 euros by means of crowdfunding. Together with the funds made available by the Municipality of Constance and by the MFG, the cinema fund based in Stuttgart, this has in fact made it possible for the Zebra to purchase a 4K projector. As a result, confirmed Dieter Krauß, Member of the Management Board of MFG, the theatre is able to continue its work at the service of quality cinema and cultural diversity.

Informamos a nuestros seguidores que hablan español que el compañero de la revista Cineinforme Antonio Roldán está cubriendo el curso DigiTraining en exclusiva para España.

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