International Edition No. 10- year 1 - 8 April 2006



“To offer audiences the best technology: this is the objective we fixed in the phase of planning our cinema. We are increasingly persuaded that digital is the best choice we could have made”. This is how Miguel Devriendt, General Manager of Cityscoop in Roeselare, introduced the visit of the “DigiTraining Plus” participants to his cinema today. Opened on 22 June 2005, the complex comprises 7 screens fitted with state-of-the-art technology for sound and vision. The largest theatre, with 320 seats and an 18.5-metre screen, is fitted with a Barco DP 100 projector and an EVS server, installed by the German company Film Ton Technik.
At Cityscoop a wide selection of European titles digitalised by XDC has been screened, including Joyeux Noël/Merry Christmas, by Christian Carion, which was chosen as the “European Film of the Year” by MEDIA Salles during Focus on Europe at Cinema Expo International 2005.
However, Cityscoop is not only a cinema: the complex is also equipped to host conferences and business meetings, for which the digital projector represents an added value. This allowed Patrick Van Dijck of Screenvision, a joint venture with Thomson/ITV, specialised in the field of cinema advertising and operating in 9 European countries (France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), to present on the big screen the strategies adopted by his company thanks to the digital technologies: to define and capture the attention of precise sectors of the public, to carry out surveys with the aim of offering increasingly innovative and up-to-date marketing and advertising services.
In the afternoon at the Barco headquarters, Steve Perrin presented the project by the UK Film Council. Backed by 18 million euro, it aims to install 240 digital projectors throughout Britain, involving all types of theatres, from art-house to multiplexes.
Lastly, David Monk contributed his point of view on the future prospects for cinemas, films and content in digital format.
This evening the group will visit Ypres/Ieper, memorial to the First World War, with a conceptual connection to the topic of the film Joyeux Noël/Merry Christmas. Later on the draw will be made to decide the winners of the special prize that Barco has decided to offer to three exhibitors taking part in the course: a projector for digital cinema on free trial in their theatres for one month.





Miguel Devriendt, General Manager of the Cityscoop cinema in Roeselare, Belgium, during “DigiTraining Plus” 2006.




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