An initiative of the EU MEDIA Programme with the support of the Italian Government
Since 1992 MEDIA Salles has been promoting the European cinema and its circulation at theatrical level




MEDIA Salles at Cannes Film Festival 2008


Antonio Autieri and Stefano Radice, Box Office, with Elisabetta Brunella, Secretary General of MEDIA Salles

Ankie Lau and her daughter, Lau Film International & Multi Media, with Elisabetta Brunella

From left: Margit Vremmert, AS Tallinnfilm and Jens Rykaer, President of MEDIA Salles

From left: Francis Fourneau, Cinéma CVL Palace, Elisabetta Brunella and Adrien Fourneau, Imagine Productions

From left: Anita Ondine, Touch Light Media and Elisabetta Brunella

From left: Mariella Troccoli, General Directorship for the Cinema, Italian Ministry of Cultural Affairs, and Elisabetta Brunella

From left: Elisabetta Brunella and Alberto La Monica, Director of the European Cinema Festival in Lecce, Italy

From left: Beppe Testa, Cinema Teatro Abba Cinefun and Elisabetta Brunella

Costas Daskalakis, EACEA - Head of the MEDIA Unit