Drama - Features - Germany - 2006

The film is based on Michel Houellebecq's bestseller "Atomized", produced by Bernd Eichinger (Downfall/Der Untergang) and Oliver Berben, and written/directed by Oskar Roelher, featuring an all-star German cast. This is a story about Michael (CHRISTIAN ULMEN) and Bruno (MORITZ BLEIBTREU). Though half-brothers, the two are completely different. They share only a mother (NINA HOSS) in common who neglected them to lead a carefree jet-set life leaving them in the care of separate grandparents. Introverted molecular biologist Michael is so wrapped up in his genetic research that he shies away from intimacy while Bruno is a slave to his fantasies paying for sexual favors. Everything changes when both men, now thirty-something, find love. Michael happens to re-unite with his childhood sweetheart, Annabelle (FRANKA POTENTE) and Bruno meets Christiane (MARTINA GEDECK) who shares and enjoys his sexual obsessions. Although it seems that luck is finally on their side, by a cruel twist of fate shatters their happiness.

Moritz BLEIBTREU - Bruno
Christian ULMEN - Michael
Martina GEDECK - Christiane
Franka POTENTE - Annabelle
Nina HOSS - Jane
Uwe OCHSENKNECHT - Bruno's father
Corinna HARFOUCH - Dr. Sch”fer
Ulrike KRIENER - Annabelle's mother
Jasmin TABATABAI - Yogini
Michael GWISDEK - Prof. Fleisser
Herbert KNAUP - Sollers
Tom SCHILLING - Michael (young)
Thomas DRECHSEL - Bruno (young)
Nina KRONJAGER - Katja

Bernd EICHINGER - Producer
Oliver BERBEN - Producer
Bernhard THUR - Production Manager
Astrid KUHNBERGER - Production Manager
Oskar ROEHLER - Scriptwriter and Director
Carl-Friedrich KOSCHNICK - Camera
Manfred BANACH - Original Music
Ingrid HENN - Set Design
Esther WALZ - Costumes

in competition
Siver Bear- Best Actor Moritz Bleibtren