Milan, 30 June 2006

Dear friends,

today’s issue of “Focus on Europe online”, which can be found on our website (to see this and previous editions, please click here), concludes the series published especially for Cinema Expo International 2006.

Today we invite you to set out on a brief journey during which you will discover a selection of the European films that will be in cinemas from the United Kingdom to Greece over the coming months.
This guided tour has been prepared with the collaboration of TFI International and ARP Sélection.

Whilst conveying our thanks to them and to all the sales agents and distributors who have provided us with material and information for launching “Focus on Europe online”, we inform you that we shall be coming back to you with the updates made by us on the basis of future input.

As you will remember, yesterday MEDIA Salles, in keeping with the spirit of this year’s CEI, made its own contribution to the need for greater knowledge about digital cinema, by means of a special edition of “DGT online informer”.

Today we have the pleasure of announcing that, in connection with this topic, MEDIA Salles has already begun work on the fourth edition of the course "DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for European Cinemas”, which will be held in April 2007, taking advantage once again this year of collaboration from Barco.

Whilst thanking you for the attention with which you have followed MEDIA Salles’ activities, we trust that, thanks to this new initiative, we have provided a tool that is useful for gaining a better knowledge of European films and for your work in general.

Sincerely Yours,

Elisabetta Brunella
Secretary General

MEDIA Salles, a project operating within the framework of the European Union's MEDIA Programme, with the support of the Italian Government, fosters theatrical distribution of European audiovisual products, both by high profile campaigns involving Europe's cinema exhibitors and by initiatives to raise the visibility of European productions with industry players and potential audiences, creating specialized information channels on a global scale. Thus the current initiatives from MEDIA Salles dovetail in a program with a triple focus – training, promotion and information – and maximum combined effect.

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