Added Content = Added Value

The conference in Mallorca



Growing audiences: Hear, see and learn from entertainment industry experts how to build consistent audiences and sell out Art events.

10:00 - Welcome
Pedro Barbadillo, Mallorca Film Commission
Giovanni Cozzi, Mallorca Arts On Screen

10:30 - Art in Cinema Programs from Balearic Islands
Javi Pachón, director of Associación de Productoras de las
Illes Balears and president of Cine Ciutat.

Balears Film Commission and Mallorca producers present
trailers of 5 programs about Art.

10:50 - Event Marketing and Advertising in a Connected World.
Ben Johnson, Gruvi
Ben runs Gruvi, a technology, media company that helps
entertainment businesses reach and engage online
audiences. Gruvi has worked on movie campaigns for
clients like Warner, Disney and Sony as well as indies like
Wild Bunch, Scanbox and Dogwoo.

11:50 - 2018 Content clips and trailers presentation,
part I

International Event Cinema Distributors

12:15 - The 150+ Club: It's not about where and what;
It is about HOW.

From Italy, Padova Piccolo Teatro: Massimo Salasnich
From Spain, Salamanca Cines Van Dyck: Mari Luz Delgado
From Hungary, Budapest Film: Zsuzsanna Talum

Cinemas that average consistently more than 150 patrons
per screening of Arts programs, live and recorded, in
different European countries and market sizes, share their
methods on how they fill their cinemas for special events.

13:15 - Added content, added audience?
Elisabetta Brunella, MEDIA Salles
With different names, event, added, alternative, non-film
content is growing internationally and increasing cinema
revenues. European market update.

Mallorca typical cuisine - International networking and visits
to sponsors and distributors exhibits.

15:30 - Technology: The cinema of tomorrow.
Pier Carlo Ottoni, Cinemeccanica.

Technologies and cinema design for the new and future content experiences.

Technology for Audience and business development.
Seneit Debes, Greta & Starks

How new technology can bring enthusiastic audiences
through inclusion and diversity. And increase revenues.

16:20 - Top Women in Global Cinema.
Patrick von Sychowski, Editor of Celluloid Junkie

Every year Celluloid Junkie publishes the list of the 50 most influential women in the international cinema community.
The 2018 list has just been announced.

16:50 - 2018 Content clips and trailers presentations,
part II

International Event Cinema Distributors

20:20 - Reception / Dinner in Mallorca's Historic center
Mallorca typical cuisine and cava, international networking opportunities.

A prize awarded to the program that has best represented the values of Europe and the richness and uniqueness of its cultural diversity.


Filling seats and the importance of Branding

10:00 - Getting people to Opera and Dance

Augusti Filomeno, Gran Teatre Liceu
How the Liceu, Barcelona's historic Opera and Dance
theatre, sells out its performances.

From production to cinema: a Shakespeare program's success story
John Wyver producer, The Royal Shakespeare Company

Filling Theatre seats and building a Theatre's Brand
Johann van der Lancken, Oskar Theatre Stockholm

11:00 - Super Diva: Opera for everyone
Catarina Molder, Opera Singer, TV presenter and producer

A TV series, bringing opera to all, including those who
might think of hating it!
How to communicate opera to all kinds of audiences.

11:20 - 2018 Content clips and trailers presentation,
part III

International Event Cinema Distributors

11:45 - MAS Awards presentation: The best arts in
cinema programs of 2017
Host: Patrick Sychowski

The MAS prizes are the result of the grading by select
cinemas in 5 diffferent countries, Arts industry professionals and the Audiences of the MAS Festival.
4 Categories: Opera, Theatre, Dance and Museum

13:15 - Conference Review and goodbye