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Percentage of each company's digital screens out of total digital screens in Europe


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The concentration of digital screens in the top 10 exhibition companies has grown from 30.5% in January 2011 to 32.5% in June 2012.
The five major players are: Odeon and UCI Cinemas Group (representing 9.6% of the total digital screens), which operates as Odeon Cinemas in the United Kingdom, as UCI Kinowelt in Austria and Germany, as UCI in Italy, Portugal and Ireland and as Cinesa in Spain; Europalaces (4.4%) operating in Switzerland, France and the Netherlands; Cinema City (3.8%), which acquired in 2011 Palace Cinemas and is now operating in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania for a total of 828 screens; Cineworld Group (3%), operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland; Vue (2.8%), operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal.

Five of the top 10 exhibition companies (Europalaces, Cinema City, CGR, Yelmo and UGC) have digitized 100% of their screens, whilst the penetration rate of digital screens out of total screens is 99% for Odeon and UCI Cinemas Group, 94% for the Italian company The Space, 89% for Vue, 81% for Cineworld Group and the German Cineplex. Considering the 43 European exhibition companies with at least 50 digital screens, the digitization process has been completed in 48.8% of cases.