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Who's who

Luigi Grispello, President of MEDIA Salles
Luigi Grispello, a lawyer by profession, is a member of the AGIS Presiding Office and President of Agis and Anec Campania, as well as being President of MEDIA Salles.
After graduating in law at the University of Naples, he worked for thirty years as a legal consultant on company law, accounting, administration and tax law for numerous bodies and companies. An outstanding figure on the panorama of the Italian cinema industry, Grispello holds several positions in this sector, including his role as Coordinator of the Anec's Legislative Commission and his presence on the Board of Directors of the FICE (the Italian Arthouse Cinema Federation).
In addition, Luigi Grispello has for many years been a member of various MIBAC commissions for the Italian Department of Entertainment and the Performing Arts.
In 2005, at the Arthouse Cinema Days (Giornate del Cinema d'Essai) in Ravenna, he received the award for best exhibitor of the year.
Benjamin Dauhrer
Benjamin Dauhrer started to work for CINECITTA' in 2004. It was the advent of digital cinema Europe. Being a digital media designer at the time it was easy for him to understand digital cinema and the developments that lay ahead. In the last 10 years Benjamin has been involved in major developments at CINECITTA', from the very start of alternative content, digital advertising, the development of an in-house marketing and graphics department, 3D digital CINEMA, VIP Cinemas and the recent advent of immersive Sound. While working full-time at CINECITTA' Benjamin studied business and economic psychology.
Tereza Czesany Dvorakova
Tereza Czesany Dvořáková has a Ph. D. in film studies; she also graduated in film and TV production at FAMU Prague. Tereza has been assistant-professor at the Film Studies Department of Charles University Prague. She has been head of non-audiovisual collections, research, and information in NárodnĂ­ filmový archiv Prague since 2012. She has been also a member of the State Cinematography Fund Committee for the last 5 years.
Tereza co-organized the biggest European conference in film and media studies, the NECS Prague 2013. She worked on various research projects concerning the history of film institutions, and contemporary film policy (amongst others La Storia in televisione with Pierre Sorlin & Istituto Storico Parri Emilia-Romagna Bologna).
She is initiator and co-founder of the Czech Society for Film Studies (CEFS); member of the European Network of Cinema and Media Studies NECS (Film Industries Group); member of the editorial staff of the Iluminace magazine; founder of the Society of Cinepur Magazine; processor of various expert opinions for the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (uincluding the research project for Ministry of Culture on Concept of Rating Audiovisual Products by Age Groups with CEMES FSV UK).
Klaudia Elsässer, Managing Director at Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.
Klaudia Elsässer has two degrees in teaching Modern Languages (French, English), and Universal Literature, speaks 3 foreign languages at proficiency level (French, English, Italian) and has been working in the publishing area for 13 years, for trade (children fiction and non fiction, fine arts), and educational-academic publishing houses as well. She also works as an Editor, lately as an Editor-in-Chief (at Academic Publishing Co., a member of Wolters Kluwer Group; at the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art; at Manager Publishing which she founded 9 years ago; and at Crown Educational Publishing).
She started to launch HD broadcasts in Uránia National Film Theatre, Budapest, Hungary more then 4 years ago. She has been translating marketing materials, scripts; editing national adaptations; giving birth to English speaking courses in connection with operas, ballets, theatrical pieces; arousing the press' and the public's interest for event cinema titles from then on.
Two years ago, she founded an Event Cinema Agency, Pannonia Entertainment Ltd. (, for she is still passionate about quality art. She is its Managing Director.

Maria Gomez, Head of Cinema, Distribution and Sales Funding, MFG - Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden- Württemberg
Maria Gomez studied Cultural Studies at the University of Paderborn. Since 2009 she has been working for MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg - first in the press and public relations unit and later as editor of the FilmFacts magazine. Since 2013 she has been Head of Cinema, Distribution and Sales Funding within MFG's film funding department.
Michael Karagosian, MKPE Founder and President

Michael Karagosian is the founder and president of MKPE Consulting, a consultancy for business development in cinema technology. His many accomplishments include the negotiation of virtual print fee deals in South America, Philippines, and Ireland. He served on the Board of Directors for In-Three, and advised the UK Film Council in the launch of the Digital Screen Network, the first public funding program for digital cinema conversion. For 11 years, he served as chief technology consultant to the National Association of Theatre Owners in the US. Earlier in his career, Mr Karagosian co-founded the CinemAcoustics division of Peavey Electronics, and led the development of cinema and studio products at Dolby Laboratories where his first contribution was the introduction of 70mm split surround for the original release of "Apocalypse Now." He has chaired numerous committees in SMPTE's digital cinema effort, and currently co-chairs the 21DC High Frame Rate Study Group.

Andreas Kramer, Director of HDF Kino
1980 A-levels, then studies in Political Sciences, History and Psychology in Bonn. PhD in Political Sciences.
Degree and PhD supported by a scholarship for gifted students from the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation.
Personal assistant to various members of the German Bundestag.
Construction of the St. Barbara Foundation for carrying out landmine clearance together with the German Federal Foreign Office and the United Nations.
Central organisation of commercial trade associations (international principles of cooperation).
Since summer 2000, Managing Director in the Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater (Central Association of the German Cinema Industry); since June 2005 Deputy Chairman of the Board.
Active on the following committees as:
- Member of the Board of German Filmkünstlernothilfe (first aid for film artists)
- Member of the Board of Trustees of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Foundation
- Member of the Board of Trustees of the Förderverein Deutscher Kinderfilm e.V. (association for the promotion of German children's films)
- Member of the Administrative Board of the Filmförderungsanstalt (German Federal Film Board) in Berlin.
Dave Monk, CEO, EDCF

Worked for 38 years with Texas Instruments (TI), one of the enabling companies of Digital Cinema with its DLP Cinema™ technology.,.
David was Vice President of TI Europe and Chairman and Managing Director of TI's UK and Ireland Subsidiaries before retiring in 2004.
For the last four years he has been the producer for IBC 's D Cinema Theme Day.
He is a technology advisor to the UK's Film and Television Academy - BAFTA.  An active member of The British Kinomatic Sound and Television Society.
An advisor to the National Film Theatre's Digital Test Bed Project.
A regular contributor at Conferences on Digital Cinema evolution and technology across the globe.
He received an Honorary Doctorate in 1999 from the City University and is now a visiting Professor of MicroElectronics at the City University, London.
He was appointed as EDCF CEO in 2006

Marian Plieštik

Marian Plieštik became a cinema exhibitor in 2004, when he joined the team of the Světozor cinema which, at that time had been taken over by the management of the legendary art house cinema Aero. After working on all aspects of the Světozor's management and witnessing the cinema's growth he specialized in the technical field.
Marian has also helped to launch other new art house cinemas under the Aero-label: Bio OKO (Prague) in 2009 and cinema Scala (Brno) in 2013.
Now his main job is management of the cinema Světozor and technical support (from projection to IT) to all connected art-house cinemas, as well as the distribution company Aerofilms.
Marian studied Economics & Management at Czech Agriculture University.

He has been a board member of the Czech Association of Exhibitors since 2010, and a technical consultant (in technical development) of the State Cinematography Fund since 2013.

Jorien Scholtens

Jorien Scholtens is researcher at the Netherlands Film Research Foundation (Dutch: Stichting Filmonderzoek). Film Research is an independent organization that conducts research for the film business. The research field includes cinemas, distributors and film production. Film Research aims to provide practical information and advice for the film industry, partly by publishing an annual study on the consumer behaviour of moviegoers, the Cinema Monitor, commissioned by the Dutch Exhibitors Association (NVB) and the Dutch Distributors Association (NVF).
Jorien has led research projects concerning the impact of the Dutch digital cinema roll-out, audience perception of national cinema and film education. Jorien has a Masters degree in film and television studies and work experience in cinemas, the film museum, Dutch film production and assisting in postgraduate research.
Last May Jorien completed a study on the effects of digital cinema on programming and release strategies, the management of cinemas and on film distributors. For DigiTraining 2014 she will summarize the content of the course for the next issue of DigiTalk.

Carsten Schuffert, VP Content Services (dcinex)
Entrepreneur active for more than 20 years in the cinema industry, Carsten Schuffert was a pioneer in cinema digitization. He created Germany's first content lab for DCI mastering and developed the country's content delivery network via satellite.
Carsten joined dcinex in 2012 and leads the company's business line dedicated to content owners. He studied at the University of Tübingen.