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The Cinema City Bonarka - Cracow

Cinema City Bonarka is a 20-screen-multiplex located in the Bonarka shopping mall on the edge of Cracow city centre.
Innovation is the key word, both for the way it is designed - with functionality, comfort and facilities for people with disabilities - and for the cutting-edge digital technology for projection.

Among the services provided, there are 2 bars and a Cinema Cafe.
This cinema offers also a special VIP area that includes a lobby open to spectators 30 minutes before the show, providing complementary snacks and drinks, and 3 halls with luxurious sofa seats.

What makes Cinema City Bonarka something different than just a cinema is the Cinema Park, an avant-garde initiative in the field of the so-called "edutainment", or educational entertainment, mainly - but not necessarily - addressing young people and schools.

5 of the Bonarka's 20 screens are devoted to Cinema Park, and the shows are based on four different themes (animals, space, the human body, the four elements), which alternate over a six-month period.
Each of the auditoriums offers a different interactive experience, from the one centring on "movement" in which the seats move according to the effects screened, to the one centring on "music", passing through "interaction", in which team games can be played by using a sort of remote control device.

Kijów.Centrum - Cracow

Kijów.Centrum, with its Filmowa Café and the OFF.Kijów club, is much more than an art-house cinema: it is an entertainment centre, where - in addition to movies - it is possible to see concerts, opera, ballets, live HD broadcasts, cabarets. Furthermore, the Kijów.Centrum plays a special role in Cracow's film culture, being the location of important cinema events, such as the Krakow Film Festival, the Independent Film Festival "OFF PLUS CAMERA" and the Children's Film Festival Galicia.

Since 2011, the Kijów.Centrum has been hosting Eurocinema Expo, an international convention entirely devoted to digital technology for cinemas.

The cinema has two screening rooms:

- "Sala Duża" is the biggest in Cracow (828 seats) and is equipped with state-of-the-art digital and 3D technology.
- "Sala Studio" is a very small (32 seats) and "intimate" screening room, that shows art-house movies and children movies, and can host VIP screenings and meetings upon request.

The Filmowa Café

In addition to soft seats, mood lighting and film music, this café and restaurant also offers special screenings in the evening on an outdoor screen.

The Filmowa Café will host the opening dinner of "DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for the European Cinemas of the Future" on Wednesday 28 August.


Iluzjon Cinema - Museum of Cinematic Art - Warsaw

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Polish National Film Archive







As a member of the International Federation of film Archives (FIAF) Filmoteka Narodowa (National Film Archive in Poland) has been organizing screenings of classical motion pictures in the Iluzjon Cinema since the late 1950s.
Over the decades the cinema has organised a number of famous presentations and festivals.

One of the most fascinating characteristics of the cinema is the orchestra pit, used for special events such as the "Celebration of Silent Cinema", the screening of silent masterpieces accompanied by live music performances.

The current location of the Iluzjon, on Narbutta 50a in Warsaw, was renovated this year.

The cinema offers two auditoriums: "Stolica" (seating 263) and "Mała Czarna" (seating 49), both equipped with digital technology, although it is still possible to watch movies on 16 and 35mm film too. Among the other services provided, there are multimedia screens, a café (Café Iluzja) and a bookstore. Iluzjon is especially precious for Warsaw's cultural life, thanks to its rich collection of films which gives the opportunity of discovering and discussing both Polish and international cinema.

Iluzjon Cinema - Museum of Cinematic Art
Narbutta 50a Street, Warsaw, Poland

Kinoteka - Warsaw

The Kinoteka cinema, founded in 2001, is an 8-screen multiplex located in the Palace of Culture and Science, in the heart of Warsaw.
It combines the 50 years of tradition and the atmosphere of post war Warsaw represented by the Palace of Culture and Science with the characteristics of a contemporary European capital. Sumptuous design: an elegant foyer, almost monumental, palatial spaces with rows of classical columns and crystal chandeliers create an atmosphere that is hard to find in other places in Warsaw.
In the 8 screening rooms (from 48 to 318 comfortable seats), the highest standards of digital technology are a tool for promoting quality and art cinema.

Pałac Kultury i Nauki (wejście od al. Jerozolimskich)
Plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warsaw
Tel. +48 22 551 70 70

Cinema Centrum, Wadowice

Cinema Centrum was established in 2003, continuing a silver-screen tradition in Wadowice dating back to the early years of the twentieth century and then acting as "cinema-theatre" of Teofil Wysogląd. At that time, it underwent a great metamorphosis and became a modern digital cinema, the only one of its kind within 35 km. The theatre in the cultural centre was adapted for the cinema, which became a part of the Cultural Centre of Wadowice. This determines the profile of the activities carried out by Centrum.
It is a place not only for presenting repertoire films but also an animator of various activities, both related to cinematographic art and combining various other aspects of culture. Thanks to the digital equipment and HD satellite broadcasts, local audiences can participate in important international cultural and sport events.
The cinema auditorium has 369 seats and is equipped with a digital projector, sound systems and 35mm projectors.
Cinema Centrum is a member of the Malopolska Digital Cinema Network and of the network of local and studio cinemas.