The Course Moderator

Anthony Williams, B.Sc.

Anthony Williams - usually known as Tony - has a career in the international cinema and film business that spans nearly 40 years, most recently as a specialist business consultant. He entered the industry when all cinemas were single screens and has been closely involved first with their conversion to multi-screen sites and then the development of the several generations of multiplexes.

Tony has provides independent advice on all aspects of cinema operation and development to a wide range of clients in the UK and overseas including Russia’s leading multiplex circuit, which has the largest number of 3D screens in that country. His client list also includes independent cinema operators, local authorities and various commercial and non-commercial organisations who need information and guidance on practical aspects of the cinema business. Currently these feature the many issues surrounding digital cinema and 3D.

Tony was a founder and consultant editor of the trade magazine for UK cinema exhibition and film distribution and he organised the programme for 11 annual UK Cinema Industry Conferences. He is a member of several industry committees and working parties that work on all aspects of cinema accessibility for people with a range of disabilities, especially those with mobility, hearing and sight problems. He is also a qualified adult learner and lectures on various aspects of the cinema business.