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Michael Karagosian (MKPE)
Michael Karagosian is the founder and president of MKPE Consulting LLC, a Los Angeles-based consultancy in the entertainment industry. He is a 30 year veteran of the cinema industry, and has been active in the digital cinema space for the past decade. Michael's recent efforts include the negotiation of digital cinema deployment agreements for Ireland-based Digital Finance Limited, business planning for the Pirate Eye camcorder detection technology, and the development of license-free standards for closed caption systems. He served for eight years as senior technology adviser to the US-based National Association of Theatre Owners. He is a member of the board of directors for In-Three, and was an advisor to the UK Film Council in the UK government-financed rollout of digital cinema. In the late 70's and early 80's, Michael led the development of cinema and studio products at Dolby Laboratories. In the 90's he was co-creator of the Peavey CinemAcoustics product line, and led the development of networked audio and control systems for Disney theme parks. He chairs the SMPTE TC-21DC30 Digital Cinema Working Group for Exhibition, and is the editor of mkpeReport ( His company site is
Fabrice Testa (XDC)
Fabrice Testa joined XDC in January 2005 just after the creation of the company. As Marketing Manager, he succeeded in positioning XDC brand as one of the key players in the digital cinema industry in Europe. Largely involved in the XDC’s commercial activities, Fabrice has recently been named VP Sales & Business Development. Prior to XDC, Fabrice gained a comprehensive experience in management, sales & marketing, business development with various companies in the field of multimedia, interactive games and video projection systems as well as web-based applications and international high tech projects. Fabrice has an MSc in Engineering and an MBA from Brussels Solvay Business School.
Ari Saarinen (Finnkino)
Born in 1960, he’s been working for 30 years in cinemas. He started in 1979 to work as a projectionist in a cinema and he has been employed at the Finnish Film Foundation for 10 years as a projectionist and then Technical Supervisor. In 1995 he joined Finnkino where he still holds the position of Technical Supervisor and Manager and his main duties are taking care of technical services, technical staff training and designing new multiplex cinemas. He collaborates with Forum Cinemas in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Oleg Berezin (Nevafilm CJSC)
Born in 1967 in Komi Republic, Russia, a graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University of the Cinema and Television, he’s an expert in audiovisual equipment with a specialisation in the digital technologies of cinema projection.
Since 1992 he’s been the Managing Director (CEO) of Nevafilm CJSC, a company operating for the Russian digital cinema deployment, dealing with digital distribution and projection as well as proposing digital cinema business models and integration of media services in cinemas. He’s also a member of SMPTE and European Digital Cinema Forum, as well as an Associate professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University of the Cinema and Television, in the Cinema Equipment department.
Walter Munarini (Open Sky)
Walter Munarini is General Director of OPENSKY.
Born in Vicenza, Italy in 1970, he graduated at “Università di Padova” in Electronic Engineering in 1995.
He gained experience in telecommunication working in major TLC companies. In particular, he took part into the standardization of GSM/UMTS in ETSI and 3GPP later on.
He also developed the service layer working in Vodafone in the international technical strategy group.
Since 2004 Walter Munarini has been working for OPENSKY focusing on the delivery of new services and market applied to the satellite technology.
In particular since 2005 Walter Munarini has been developing the services applied to the upcoming digital cinema.
In 2007 OPENSKY was awarded from ESA (European Space Agency) of the ISIDE (Innovative Satellite Interactive Digital Entertainment) project; in 2008 started the roll out of Satellite Solutions for Digital Cinemas and the firsts LIVE EVENTS; in 2009 the LIVE3D testing was completed and a first main commercial event organized (Julien Clerc Live from Lyon, 16th July 2009).
In 2010 the DCP Delivery service starts utilizing the dedicated Teleport build by OPENSKY in collaboration with EUTELSAT.
Jonathan Davis, Consultant
Jonathan studied art history in Britain and film history in the United States. He worked in the publicity department at Columbia Pictures and then at distributors, TeleCulture where he was director of marketing. Among the films he released were Krysztof Zanussi’s Wege in der Nacht (Drogi wsród nocy) and Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz.
In 1993-4, as a consultant at London Economics, Jonathan helped prepare, on behalf of Media Salles, the White Book for the European Cinema Exhibition Industry. In 1999, he carried out a feasibility study on behalf of Sony Europe of its e-cinema initiative.
Since February 2002 Jonathan has acted as Strategy Advisor to the UK Film Council; his main responsibility has been coordinating the EFADs, the network of national film agencies across the European Union (EU). The focus of this work is to prepare a common position among EU member states in relation to the use of public money to support film. The emphasis at the moment is on public support for digitizing cinemas.
At the end of 2008, he started a project for the Netherlands Film Fund to find ways of improving the circulation of European children’s films. From 2005 to 2008, he worked on the setting up of the Copenhagen-based European ThinkTank on Film and Film Policy. He contributed to the preparation of the Council of Europe Film Policy Forum which took place in Krakow in September 2008 and edited the report of the Forum ( Since May 2009, he has been working as an advisor to the Polish film industry. He is about to start a project looking at public strategies for Estonian cinema. He has just returned from the World Conference of Screenwriters where he did a presentation about the current challenges for public film policy.
Tommi Rissanen (Dicole)
Tommi Rissanen is an experienced digital- and social media professional. He has been working and creating several initiatives to foster growth entrepreneurship and recently was responsible for creating the VOD-hub that unites all Finnish companies in the field of internet-video to lower the barriers of business. Currently Tommi works as a consultant in Digital Media Finland.
Mikko Kuutti (Finnish National Audiovisual Archive – NAVA)

B. Sc (Architecture): appointed in 2001.

Head of film and video collections, in charge of conservation and restoration. Previously experienced in digital post production and digital restoration. Deputy head of the FIAF technical commission.

Tore Mortensen (Sony Norge)
Guillaume Thomine Desmazures (Arts Alliance Media)

Guillaume joined Arts Alliance Media in February 2007, just before AAM and the French exhibitor CGR (400 screens) announced the first European VPF agreement and he managed the logistics of this roll out. Guillaume is also in charge of the development of the Spanish market. In the last year, he has been managing the deployment of digital screens in the cinemas of one of the main Spanish exhibitor: Yelmo Cines. He participated in the development of a new model for independents (third party collector) who want to join the digital transition. Before working for AAM, Guillaume worked as a project manager in advertising (Publicis) and Media Conglomerate (Vivendi). He holds an MS in marketing & management from the California State University East Bay-San Francisco.