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FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special - Speciale ragazzi





MEDIA Salles
"Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special"
at the Giffoni Film Festival
Giffoni Valle Piana - Salerno (I)
17-20 July 2003

An appointment exclusively for European exhibitors involved in programming films for young people and schools.



Exchange of experiences

"Euro Kids" Award for the best children's film "Euro Kids"

Award to cinemas for best programming, ancillary activities and promotion.

This year MEDIA Salles will again be organising a "Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special" event to which all European exhibitors committed to programming for children and schools are invited.

For the 2003 Focus on Europe initiative, which will be held from 17 to 20 July, MEDIA Salles has established mutual collaboration with the Giffoni Film Festival, taking place at Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno - Italy).


The Programme

The Focus on Europe programme foresees pre-screenings, seminars and debates on issues linked to programming and initiatives for enlivening screenings of children's films, including events, synergy with schools and institutions, the use of new advertising and information tools - such as the internet and mobile phones - the opportunities and limits represented by the introduction of digital technology in cinemas.

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Euro Kids Awards

According to a now established tradition, the two categories of "Euro Kids" awards will be presented during the event: the first - worth a total of 2,250 euros - is dedicated to those cinemas that have organised the best programming, ancillary activities and promotion for young audiences on behalf of European films; the second is dedicated to a European children's film recognised as having high potential for international circulation.

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33rd Giffoni Film Festival

In the small town of Giffoni Valle Piana at the threshold of the Amalfi coast, children and young people from all over the world have been meeting regularly for over thirty years, to take part in one of the most important international film festivals, where they are both spectators and protagonists. This year there will be a young jury of around 1,000 "budding" voters, from Italy and over 20 foreign countries.
The participants at Focus on Europe will thus be able to take their seats alongside the young audience and experience first-hand the promotional activities set in motion by the Festival. Amongst these is Movie Days, an initiative for children and young people from primary and middle schools, being held for the seventh time, which takes place in the winter season (October-April) and which, since 2002, has extended beyond the boundaries of Giffoni to Rome and other towns in Lazio, Basilicata, Sardinia and Campania.

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The usual offer of special conditions, which has already facilitated participation at MEDIA Salles' initiatives at the Castellinaria (Bellinzona) Festival and KidScreen meetings (Como, Milan, Varese) over past years, is again available.