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FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special - Speciale ragazzi
Last update: 14 March 2005






“FOCUS ON EUROPE – Kidflix Special”
at Malmö (Sweden)
in collaboration with “BUFF 2005”
10-13 MARCH 2005


Milan, 13 March 2005

Today saw the closure of the MEDIA Salles’ event Focus on Europe – Kidflix Special held in Malmö, Sweden, for European exhibitors that organize specific activities for younger people and schools.
Today there were once again plenty of examples as to how offer can be diversified and how new proposals can be made available to young audiences. Nunzio Chiericozzi presented the initiatives of the Italian cinema Falso Movimento of Foggia, winner of the second “Euro Kids” award. ”Among our goals – sustained Chiericozzi – is providing training on how to view and interpret films and on cinema language. In order to carry this out, we work constantly with teachers, in collaboration with experts. Our program involves all the schools at Foggia and consists in the screening of films accompanied by fact cards and booklets for greater comprehension and, furthermore, through the organization of meetings with authors of Italian cinema and of training courses for teachers”.
Just as interesting were the experiences of the Cinemes Guiu of La Seu d’Urgell, Spain. “For us – underlined Montserrat Guiu March – it is extremely important to develop within children and adolescents a capacity of critical review of films and their contents. We facilitate this through reports and group work in the classes. Our initiatives are aimed both at the primary schools and secondary schools of 13 small urban centres and are organized in collaboration with the Linguistics Department and the Scholastic Department of the Catalan Government”.
Further information and the fact cards on the cinemas that have taken part in the Focus will be published in the “Euro Kids” section of the MEDIA Salles’ website (

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