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FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special - Speciale ragazzi
Last update: 14 March 2005






“FOCUS ON EUROPE – Kidflix Special”
at Malmö (Sweden)
in collaboration with “BUFF 2005”
10-13 MARCH 2005


Milan, 12 March 2005


Today was a “Danish” day for the participants of Focus on Europe – Kidflix Special organized by MEDIA Salles, that is being held in Malmö, Sweden.
Jacob Breuning, Director of School Cinema Programme of the Danish Film Institute, presented activities for children and schools promoted by the Institute, in collaboration with the exhibitors’ association, offering a panorama of viewpoints regarding the school, cinema and education sectors in Denmark.
In the afternoon there was a transfer to Copenhagen, for a visit to two complexes in the Danish capital that are significant for their style and programming: the Grand Teatret – an art-house cinema situated in the heart of the city, with 6 screens and an intense programming activity for children and schools – and the Palads Cinema, a megaplex with 17 screens, managed by Nordisk Film, the largest Danish chain, also equipped for digital screening.
Opening the session devoted to the exchange of experiences among exhibitors, Christer Lundgren illustrated activities presented for youth by Facklan of Kungsbacka, the first-prize winner of the 2005 “Euro Kids” awards. This Swedish cinema, recently opened in the heart of a small city south of Göteborg, “was conceived, from the first moment of planning – said Lundgren –, to act as an educational instrument and a cultural centre at the service of the entire local community”.

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