“DGT online informer”
Reg. Trib. Milano n. 418 del 02.07.2007


The “DGT online informer” is a short, electronic Newsletter that periodically brings readers up to date with the new developments in digital screening.

Its publication began in 2006, when cinema digitization had just started in Europe: MEDIA Salles decided then to offer an information tool to those cinema professionals and institutions that were evaluating the opportunities and threats linked to the adoption of the new technology and searching for the best business solutions.

Since then the “DGT online informer” has been a reference tool to understand what the “burning issues” are, what steps forward have been made and what problems remain to be solved in digital exhibition.

Through the “DGT online informer” MEDIA Salles has also been constantly providing information and accounts on the “DigiTraining Plus”, the annual training course on digitization tailor made to suit the needs of the European cinema community.