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International Edition No. 96
year 8 - 31 August 2013


From the tenth edition of the course
"DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for the European Cinemas of the Future"

Cracow and Warsaw
28 August - 1 September 2013

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Many thanks to Peter Bosma, a past participant at the 2012 edition of DigiTraining Plus and also attending this year's course, who has provided the following summary of the third day.

On the third day of DigiTraining 2013 our group of digitization investigators visited three cinemas in Warsaw. Again it was a day of contrasts, starting at the landmark Palace of Culture and Science, built in 1955.

This imposing monument to the era of Stalin, with 8 screening rooms and 2 lobbies, has been the location of the art-house Kinoteka since 2001.
The program is based on combining a selection of blockbusters with independent films, festivals and special events. Projection was digitized in March of this year.

We saw the short 3D animation film "Warsaw 1935" in which the cityscape of pre-war times is recreated. It was a virtual tour marked by a high degree of realism.
After a good cup of coffee and a group photo on the stairs, we crossed the street to the Złote Tarasy cinema, a multiplex of the Multikino chain (28 cinemas, 231 screens, now owned by the Vue Entertainment company). It is again a very new, premium multiplex in a big shopping mall, designed to impress. We saw a 48-frame-per-second demo film and visited their luxury lounge, aptly named the Velvet Club, where an excellent lunch was served.

In both venues Asghar Farhadi’s most recent film Le Passè (Polish title: Przeszłość) was shown,. The director would be amazed to hear of these totally different settings for the screening of his film. We enjoyed a brief moment of free time to explore the sun-soaked city but were eager to get to the third stop of the day, the cinema Iluzjon, two screening rooms offering a programme largely based on the repertoire of the National Film Archive of Poland.
The cinema is in a beautiful pavilion, located in a small park and carefully renovated in 2010. In virtually every Polish cinema Blue Jasmine is being screened this week, but Iluzion is the only cinema that also offers a Woody Allen retrospective.
The conclusion on this third day is that cinema digitization in Poland covers the whole gamut of the exhibition field in an outstandingly effective way: multiplexes, art-houses and film archives. The day was also characterized by a broad range of valuable presentations offering insights into the challenges that cinemas must face once they have been fully digitized and wish to keep up to date with cutting-edge technology. A full report of this will follow.

Informamos a nuestros seguidores que hablan español que el compañero de la revista Cineinforme Antonio Roldán esá cubriendo el curso DigiTraining en exclusiva para España.
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