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  International Edition No. 93 - year 8 - 28 August 2013


From the tenth edition of the course
"DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for the European Cinemas of the Future"

Cracow and Warsaw
28 August - 1 September 2013

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Today, 28 August, is the first day in the tenth edition of the course organized by MEDIA Salles each year for professional players who wish to keep up-to-date with the use of new technologies in cinemas.

The initiative, launched in Belgium in 2004, when there were only around thirty digital screens in the whole continent, has visited Great Britain, Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands and now comes to Poland. At this point there are over 25,000 digital installations in Europe.
Poland is a country in which around 75% of screens are equipped with a digital projector, thanks to a variety of economic models based both on private investments and on public support schemes.
The examples offered by the Polish Film Institute, which facilitated digitalization in the art-house sector, and the Malopolska theatres, which took advantage of the European Regional Development Fund to access the new technologies, are points of reference for countries where digitalization is less advanced.

How to finance the shift to digital is just one of the topics that the thirty and more participants from all over Europe, from France to Estonia, Greece to Germany, will be dealing with over the five-day course. Moving between Cracow, Warsaw and Wadowice to gain first-hand knowledge of significant experiences, the course participants will analyze the technical implications of digitalization and the opportunities it provides for programming and for their offer of content and services to audiences.

Pillars of the training course will be the lectures by internationally recognized consultants, such as Michael Karagosian, and by experts who have contributed to the digitalization of large private circuits, such as Jan Petersen from Denmark, Chief Technical Officer of Nordisk Film Biografer, or to the establishment of buying groups for small-medium sized exhibitors, such as Ron Sterk, Director of the Dutch initiative Cinema Digitaal.

Informamos a nuestros seguidores que hablan español que el compañero de la revista Cineinforme Antonio Roldán está cubriendo el curso DigiTraining en exclusiva para España.
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