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International Edition No. 86
year 7 - 31 August 2012


From the ninth edition of the course
“DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies”

29 August - 2 September 2012

- daily update -

For the participants on the DigiTraining Plus course, today, 31 August, will be a full day, spent on the move. The first stop is Zeist, where Paul Huis in 't' Veld will be guiding participants in their discovery of Gofilex, a non-profit organization which cooperates with the Dutch distributors’ and exhibitors’ associations (NVB and NVF) and for 35 years has been providing the Netherlands cinema industry with delivery services and audiovisual content. Originally dealing with film, 35mm has now made way for the distribution of digital files by cable.

From Zeist the group will be moving on to Houten to visit CineLounge, opened in 2010, which combines avant-garde technology - it was the first cinema in the Netherlands to be 100% digitalized - with the typically Dutch tradition of the small theatre with bar, where waiters serve spectators with food and drinks to enjoy during screening.

The entire afternoon will be devoted to the third destination in the programme: the Sound and Vision Institute, one of the biggest European audiovisual archives, founded in June 1997 and situated inside the Hilversum Media Park. The striking façade, luminous and colourful, like a modern cathedral - the work of the graphic designer Jaap Drupsteen - consists of a mosaic of images drawn from the archives themselves and made out of glass, which reflect in the waters of the outside pool, in a fascinating play of reflections.

Geert Wissink, project manager of the Sound and Vision Institute, in collaboration with Eveline Ferwerda of Cinema Digitaal, will outline the work of conserving and making the best of the heritage conserved inside the institute. Thijs van Exel of Knowledge Land will instead be presenting Images for the Future, the project launched in 2007 in collaboration with the EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the National Archive and the Knowledge Land foundation. The objective: to preserve and digitalize 91,183 hours of video, 22,086 hours of film, 98,734 hours of audio material and 2.5 million photographs by 2014.

Divided in small groups, the participants will visit the archives, which contain a collection of over 750,000 hours of television and radio programmes, music and film from 1898 up to the present, as well as the laboratory where the digitalization process is carried out, allowing the materials to be preserved for access today and handing them down to the spectators of tomorrow.
The day will end with a visit to Tuschinski, the Art Déco cinema complex in the center of Amsterdam, which came into being in the 'Twenties and is today fitted with avant-garde digital technologies, standing as a legend that has managed to keep up with the times.

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