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  International Edition No. 85 - year 7 - 30 August 2012


From the ninth edition of the course
"DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies"

29 August - 2 September 2012

- daily update -

The DigiTraining Plus group grows and for one morning players in the cinema sector and representatives of Dutch institutions are invited to take part in an open session devoted to the state of the art in digitalization.

To start with, the statistics emerging from the latest surveys carried out by MEDIA Salles are presented by the Secretary General, Elisabetta Brunella.

Peter Wilson, representing EDCF, sums up the technological evolution of the formats, from 2K to 4K, from 3D to High Frame Rates and describes possible future scenarios. Peter likes to define his profession with the following remark: "I'm always working on things that haven't happened yet."

The future of digital is also the topic of the talk by Michael Karagosian, a veteran of DigiTraining Plus. In Europe well over 50% of screens are now digital: what will happen now that the transition has reached the crucial point in the watershed? Karagosian will try to come up with some answers to this question.

The day proceeds in the afternoon with an intense series of activities and meetings devoted to schemes for financing digitalization, both private and public, and a comparison of economic models.

Olivier Hillaire from Manice presents an overview of the support implemented in Europe with more details of VPF, whilst a representative from the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency (EACEA), Silvana Pasqualino, describes the role of the MEDIA Programme in the digitalization of theatres, an essential element for the circulation of domestic and European films.

Thanks to the talks by Ania Sienkiewicz (Polish Film Institute) and Ron Sterk (NVB and Cinema Digitaal) a comparison is provided of two different national strategies for the digitalization of theatres.

Today's sessions are closed by Sébastien Nicolas from dcinex, who makes suggestions of both a technical and an economic nature, with the aim of helping his public to find their way through the various possible solutions and understand which is best suited to their individual needs, so as to obtain as much as possible from the digital system they choose.

The course participants will conclude their day by visiting the exhibition Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition, devoted to the genius of cinematographic masterpieces such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, Shining and Clockwork Orange. Organized by the EYE Film Institute, the exhibition is produced jointly with the Frankfurt Filmmuseum and shows every aspect of a film's creation: from the screenplay to the storyboard, from work on the set to clips of the films and documentaries.
Parallel to this exhibition, EYE offers a retrospective of all Kubrick's films from Killer's Kiss (1955) to Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

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