International Edition No.7- year 1 - 5 April 2006



This afternoon in Kuurne, Belgium, MEDIA Salles opened the third edition of “DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for European Cinemas”. “This is the only training initiative out of the approximately 60 supported by the European Union’s MEDIA Programme to deal with the topic of new technologies from the point of view of exhibitors”, stated Mike Vickers, Treasurer of MEDIA Salles, in his welcoming speech. Co-financed by the Italian Government, the course is being held at the headquarters of Barco, a company of worldwide importance in the production of digital projectors.
Around forty exhibitors and professional operators from the cinema industry from fifteen countries ranging from Portugal to Slovakia, from Norway to Bulgaria, are taking part in the course.
What they have in common is “the need to update our knowledge on the transition from film to digital projection, which, in the near future, will become reality for all cinemas”, says the Spanish Enrique Martinez, Technical Director of Yelmo Cineplex.
From now until 9 April the programme will bring together lessons of a more theoretical nature with the analysis of significant cases presented by exhibition companies who have already adopted the new technologies. Today work started out from a “photograph” of the offer of digital screening worldwide. At the end of 2005 – according to the figures periodically recorded by MEDIA Salles in the “European Cinema Yearbook” – the screens equipped with DLP CinemaTM technology numbered 591, of which 194 were in Europe. And Europe is the continent that, in the second half of 2005, recorded the biggest growth (+86.5%), far greater than the world average (+52%)”, commented Elisabetta Brunella, Secretary General of MEDIA Salles, when presenting the new issue (no. 1/2006) of the Newsletter “European Cinema Journal”. An issue devoted to digital screening, in which three themes in particular are dealt with – transmission of content, audio systems and the marketing of digital theatres – with an eye both to the course participants’ needs and to readers: both demand clear and concise information. To provide figures and information, give clear explanations, supply the tools allowing each exhibitor to evaluate the advisability of changing over to digital: these are the aims of the course.
“As well as this – stated Stephan Paridaen, President of Barco Media & Entertainment – “DigiTraining Plus” is an excellent opportunity for us to listen to the needs of European exhibitors and also to share our experiences – gained over time from existing digital cinema owners – on how to build a successful digital cinema business”.

Course programme
"European Cinema Journal" no. 1/2006

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