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  International Edition No. 59 - year 5 - 3 March 2010


DigiTraining Plus 2010:
Online the presentations and talks given during the Course

Now available on the MEDIA Salles website are the texts of the talks and presentations given during “DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies”, hosted by Helsinki for its seventh edition and recently concluded.
In view of the importance of the lectures held over the five days of the course and the interest they aroused in the over sixty professional players from as many as 13 countries, all the material made available by the speakers has been published online. By doing this, MEDIA Salles honours its commitment to the maximum diffusion of know-how and the online sharing of experiences and competences that are developing internationally, with particular attention to business models – from public support policies to the synergies between public and private that are being experimented in several European countries – and to differentiation in the offer of content.
As well as a photo-gallery of the event – which includes movie theatres in the avantgarde of digital projection visited during the course – by clicking on the names of the speakers in the programme on the course page, you will gain access to the corresponding texts and presentations.

Screens and digital cinemas: in Cannes the new figures
In Cannes, during the 63rd Film Festival, MEDIA Salles will be presenting the figures on digital theatres and screens, updated at 1st of January 2010. The second half of 2009 is crucial for interpreting the boom experienced in the widespread diffusion of digital projection – and in particular 3D – in the opening months of the past year, when the increase in screens using DLP Cinema or SXRD technology approached 70% between January and June. Will the new figures confirm this trend?

The DGT participants have attended a special screening at the
National Audiovisual Archive Auditorium equipped with a SXRD projector

Aku Jaakkola, Cinema Manager of Bio Rex Sello

The entrance of Bio Rex at the Sello shopping center in Espoo,
visited by the DGT participants on 20 Feb


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