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  International Edition No. 56 - year 5 - 18 February 2010


From the seventh edition of the course
“DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies”

Helsinki, 17-21 February 2010

- daily update -

The spread of digital screens in Europe in 2009 experiences an authentic boom and the trend seems to be confirmed in the new year: according to the MEDIA Salles statistics, at 30 June 2009 there were 2,602 screens using DLP Cinema or SXRD technology. Compared to the 1st of January 2009, when they numbered 1,535, the increase over the six-month period amounted to 70%. Growth is confirmed by the initial figures available at 1st January 2010. This is what was reported by Elisabetta Brunella, Secretary General of MEDIA Salles, opening the second day of “DigiTraining Plus 2010”.
The statistical data collected by MEDIA Salles on the development of digital projection and the European cinema market is part of the teaching material made available to course participants.
From these figures we learn that France, which has become Europe’s leading digital market, began 2010 with 876 digital screens, with a 46% increase in the second six months of 2009.
2009 appears as a record year for European movie theatres not only for the acceleration in digitalisation but also for admissions. The number of spectators grows, and to no small degree, in cinemas all over Europe, from Iceland to Russia: they numbered 1,102 million in 2008 and have grown to 1,172, with a 6.3% increase.
An analysis of the individual markets shows that in 2009 the 19 countries of Western Europe totalled 920.5 million spectators with a 5.7% rise. Central-Eastern Europe, which comprises 13 countries, amongst which Russia is included for the first time, recorded an even more marked increase: 8.7%. Admissions rose from 231.2 million to 251.3 million.
Whilst, in terms of admissions, some dips are also recorded – this is the case in Italy, for example – throughout Europe gross box-office registers overall growth where it is not affected by fluctuations in exchange rates: in Western Europe the average growth of box-office – estimated only for the moment – is around 13% compared to the previous year. And it seems that this is due to digital screening: the main reason, in fact, can be identified in the presence of more digital films in 3D, for which the cost of tickets is significantly higher.
During the morning, when an open-door session took place in collaboration with the Finnish MEDIA Desk and during which a focus was devoted to Russia, a talk was given by Leena Laaksonen, Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Education and Culture.
The afternoon centered on a detailed examination of business models by Michael Karagosian, of MKPE, and an overview of digitalisation in Scandinavia.
The DGT course gave Rolv Gjestland, of Film&Kino, the opportunity of announcing the results of the tender launched in Norway to choose the companies that will digitise the over 420 screens of the Country within mid-2011: NDA has received the contract for about 60 screens while Unique got the lion’s share. It will equip over 350 screens.


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