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International Edition No. 43 - year 4
25 February 2009


DigiTraining Plus 2009:
European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies

London and Hull (Great Britain, 25th February – 1st March 2009)
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A total sum of 3,600 screens, that saw in 2008 over 164 million spectators, with an increase of 1.1% over the preceding year: of these, about 10% are fitted for digital screening. These are the basic facts of the British market, whose characteristics will be presented today, during the first day of the course DigiTraining Plus by Phil Clapp, the CEO of the CEA, the trade association that represents 90% of cinema exhibitors in the United Kingdom and for what regards digital screening, is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the members and is involved in working with Government and policy makers.

The Highlights of Mr Clapp’s Speech
“After a first phase of strong development that was made possibile by the funding from the UK Film Council, the diffusion of digital screening on British screens has slowed down. The last few months have, on the contrary, seen an acceleration due mainly to interest in presenting 3D films. In a territory where 5 companies detain 70% of the market, foremost, the large chains have been active regarding the digital transition: the main theme is the individuation of an efficient business model, based on the VPF concept, adopted in the United States. The current climate of economic downturn has also placed underlined the need to ensure that digital transition does not become a factor of exclusion from the market for smaller exhibitors. Hence, CEA is looking at the possibility of exploring collective action that can further the financing of digitalization. “

Michael Karagosian, digital consultant for NATO, the American exhibitors’ association, will speak of the situation in the United States before an audience from 14 different European countries. The main themes of his intervention will be: How a VPF works and the current trends of the studio-supported financing of digital cinema equipment.


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