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Elisabetta Brunella this issue highlights Armenia, which, in 2023, is about to celebrate the one hundredth anniversay of its national film institute. The foundation of this agency was followed by the launching of the first production centre, Armenfilm, and the shooting of the country’s first documentary, dating back to 1924, as well as Namus, the silent, black and white movie released in 1925. The interactive map produced by MEDIA Salles with the collaboration of the National Cinema Center of Armenia sheds light on the current, overall situation of the country’s cinemas, whilst an account by Irina Hovhannisyan bears witness to the determination to keep cinema alive on the big screen, despite the difficulties caused not only by Covid but also by the recurring conflicts in the area.

This DGT online informer ends with an extended version of the map, which appeared for the first time in issue no. 194, and which presents the main cinema circuits in Europe. It highlights the fact that whilst the top four places in the charts are held by companies operating in several countries, the following positions are occupied by chains active in a single territory.

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Elisabetta Brunella
Secretary General of MEDIA Salles

Armenia - quick info on the cinema industry


Irina Hovhannisyan
Director of Kajaran Cinema,
Kajaran, Armenia

This cinema, particularly well attended in the Christmas and summer periods, enhances its programming with the screening of documentaries, often in the presence of the directors. Those particularly appreciated by audiences prove to be biographies of famous people. The price of the ticket is 1,500 ADM, lower than the price generally paid in cinemas in the Capital.

Since 2018 I have been working in the digital film industry, first as Communications Coordinator and then as Director of Kajaran Cinema. This was a completely new field for me; it was exciting, scary, but at the same time incredibly interesting. The chance to be involved in the magical world of art through cinematography was one of the few gifts of fate in my life, and it started to play with new colors. Previously I used to discover Art through literature, but watching the greatest works of genius coming alive right before my eyes by means of incredible graphics, color palettes and with live surround sound is equally attractive.

Our Cinema is located in a small, outlying town, with a population of just under 7,000. After being closed for over 20 years it has reopened its doors to the public. And this became possible thanks to the support of one of the largest mining companies in the region, «Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine» CJSC. However, during these 20 years the cinema industry underwent fundamental changes. The changes have affected the activity of cinemas, the issues of organization, distribution and releases of world premieres. As the head of the cinema, I had to literally attack the rental market, to build partnerships with the majors, to gain the trust of distribution companies. Besides coordinating relations and signing agreements, it was also necessary to tackle the digital delivery of content to the cinema and the technical issues of the latest digital projection equipment.

One of the most important components of success in operating a Cinema nowadays is the ability to keep up with the current needs of the audience, to know and take into account spectators’ tastes, at the same time trying to expand their boundaries and open up the repertoire, offering arthouse films along with top, worldwide films. Our credo is also to support domestic films.

We started from scratch. However, after overcoming all the difficulties of formation, the Covid-19 period and the most difficult post-war period, we have found the strength and opportunities to stay afloat and bring our viewers back to the cinema, to the big screen.

In addition to the regular screening of new films in cinemas, we also organize festival days, premieres of domestic films, screenings of documentaries, creative and film discussion evenings. I believe that these events are extremely important and necessary for the cultural growth and education of young people. We are completely open to different genres and subcultures when choosing the topics of our events.

Cooperating with different cinemas and organizations related to the film industry, I am especially proud and happy to note the role and increasing number of women employees in this sphere, and it seems there is no profession beyond our power: whether it is that of cameraman or that of producer, working behind the soundboard of the studio or even as a projectionist, working behind a giant film projector.

Obviously, I have great responsibility and a considerable amount of work; it takes up a lot of time and maybe sometimes I steal this time from my family, but bright emotions, interesting creative meetings, an opportunity to cooperate with professionals, organize cultural events and an active schedule give me strength and the belief that I did not get into this field by accident. I love my job and am proud of it.


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