International Edition No.1 - year 1 - 11 February 2006


A course answering exhibitors' questions

Change to digital: why? Will I get bigger audiences in my cinema?...

(editorial by the President of MEDIA Salles, Domenico Dinoia)


3 digital projectors free for one month

“Seeing is believing” seems to be Barco’s motto, as they offer participants at the MEDIA Salles course three 2K DLP Cinema Projectors of the D-Cine Premiere Platform  (DP100 or DP90) for a free one-month trial. During the course there will be a draw to choose the 3 lucky winners, who will be able to take home a 2K DLP Cinema Projector together with a Kodak server, to try out in their own cinemas for one month. Barco will take care of the technical installation of both the projector and the server.

(see description and technical fact card on the D-Cine Premiere DP100)

(see description and technical fact card on the D-Cine Premiere DP90)


"DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for European Cinemas" (Kuurne, Belgium 5-9 April 2006)

Enrolments are open until 24 February for the third course dedicated by MEDIA Salles to European exhibitors interested in gaining an understanding of the potential of digital projections and its developments. The fee, which includes accomodation, meals and teaching materials, is 450 euro. (Click here to download the enrolment form)



“I took part in the two previous editions of the “DigiTraining Plus” course. Each time I got very interesting information, that I could use in my work. I was very satisfied and I expect to have the same result this year”.


Tero Koistinen
Project Manager
Development Project for Digital Projection in Cinemas
Joensuu Science Park, Finland

Talking about"DigiTraining Plus" - An interview with Glenn Wastyn


The 2006 edition is marked by continuity with its predecessors, although it will not neglect topics whose importance has emerged more strongly over the past year.

We discuss this with Glenn Wastyn, Barco's Business Development Manager.

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MEDIA Salles' traditional "Italian breakfast" at the Berlinale 2006

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New theaters: the advance of digital

They are on the increase more or less everywhere, with an interesting growth rate in Europe itself: here digital theatres grew by 181% in a year (well above the world average, which was 59%). In fact, between June 2004 and June 2005, theatres equipped with DLP Cinema projectors increased from 37 to 104, equalling North America and closing the gap with Asia, where these installations numbered 166 in June 2005. Whilst awaiting the most recent figures, updated to December 2005, which MEDIA Salles will be presenting in Berlin on Monday 13 February, we publish two tables, useful for understanding
the evolution of the world's and Europe's reserve of digital theatres.

In the first of these we show the overall evolution from December 2003 to June 2005. (Click to see)

In the second, devoted to Europe, we indicate, country by country, the number of digital theatres and projectors, the names of the exhibition companies that own them, the models of projectors and their resolutions, the types of servers used. (Click to see)