DIGITAL CINEMA – XDC and Senator Films are presenting Hard Candy in dual languages on Digital Cinema

David Slade’s much celebrated Hard Candy is now being presented is both German and English languages in pristine quality on XDC digital screens in Germany.

Variety describes Ellen Page’s performance as Hayley Stark, as “spectacular” Co-star Patrick Wilson, who plays Jeff Kohlver, a man who enjoys internet encounters, gives terror a whole new meaning.

Hard Candy marks the third film this year for which Senator Films have commissioned Central Film and XDC encode and service to present it in 2K DLP Cinema® quality on the XDC digital Cinema Network

“We are particularly proud to be able to offer this movie to the German market with single copies carrying both English and German sound tracks. This enables exhibitors to maximize their market audience potential, not only for the many English speaking residents in Germany but also for those for whom English not German is a second language. We believe this is the first time anything like this has been done in Europe,” said Sven Andresen, Head of Distribution at Central Film, Senator's distribution subsidiary.

“Senator Films looks for precisely the kind of film-maker excellence coming from Hollywood which Hard Candy represents. It is particularly encouraging to be able to offer it to audience segments beyond the German speaking communities, without the cost of additional prints,” said Peter Heinzemann, Senator’s Distribution Chief Executive Officer.

“As soon as I saw the pre-market screening of Hard Candy at ShoWest in Las Vegas, I was convinced this movie, with it’s skilled usage of stylized visual impressions and pictorial metaphors was not only an excellent candidate for digital cinema presentation, but also with its contemporary story lines, very relevant to a market such as Germany, where recently so much attention has been focused on the potential perils of the internet. XDC is proud to have provided the digital cinema package mastering and support services to permit this dual language project to come to fruition,” said John B. Birchell Hughes, Senior Vice President, Production and Distributor Relations, XDC International.

Hard Candy starts it German run on 29.Jun.2006

Senator offers digital cinema copies of its new films to all cinemas which are equipped with DLP Cinema® Projectors and an MXF-interoperable server. “Senator is the first German film distributor to offer its complete slate of movies for digital projection,” said Peter Heinzemann

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