Fiona Deans
Director of Digital Cinema, Arts Alliance Media, UK

I joined Arts Alliance Media (AAM) in September 2002 and am currently Director of Digital Cinema, responsible for the growth and operations of the digital cinema business in the UK and Europe. In particular I head up the rollout and operation of the UK Film Council’s Digital Screen Network, Europe’s largest 2k digital cinema network.
AAM is Europe’s largest digital cinema services provider, with seamless end to end digital cinema solutions encompassing equipment selection and integration, operator training, installation and support, and content management and delivery.
In February 2005, we were selected to rollout the UK Film Council’s Digital Screen Network (DSN), a $20m contract. We are responsible for financing the rollout, installing and maintaining the equipment, and training operators. We also offer distributors that use the circuit special rates for content management and duplication services. We finished the rollout of phase 1 of the DSN during February – ahead of schedule! - and have shown over 25 films on the network to date. By Spring 2007, 240 screens will be installed and operating.
This year we have started our expansion into Europe, beginning with Norway’s first digital cinema network. 3 screens are installed and operating and we plan to install another 7 screens in the next couple of months, together with our partners in Norway, the Kristiansand D Kino Allianse.
Digital cinema brings together technology and film to transform the world of movie-going. The benefits of improved and consistent quality, alternative revenue streams, print cost savings and the flexibility to truly match supply and demand represent a unique opportunity for the industry. Arts Alliance Media is committed to delivering the best solution possible as we meet the needs of the marketplace, serving the content owners, exhibitors and the cinema goers.