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  International Edition No. 114 - year 10 - 13 February 2015

Special issue on the occasion of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival


Dear Readers,

"Beyond the Blue with MEDIA Salles" is the slogan we have chosen for presenting our latest DiGiTalk, which came out, as customary, during the Berlinale.
"Beyond the Blue" does not refer merely to the colour adopted for the new issue, adding to the red - turquoise - green - orange, but an invitation to look beyond what is immediately visible to the eyes.

This is one of the main reasons and objectives for MEDIA Salles' work: the reason why, for over twenty years, we have been committed to elaborating and publishing statistics and information on the market is this very desire to help those who work in the sector and their stakeholders to gain a better understanding of situations and prospects for the international cinema industry, avoiding the enthusiasm or pessimism of the moment, sparked off by the first positive or negative result.

The need for deeper investigation is even more evident in the area of training, particularly in MEDIA Salles' specific field, i.e. the digitization of the cinema sector.
Here, the risk of failing to go beyond hearsay or information from non-independent sources is even higher, in view of the economic interests at stake.
We are therefore delighted that the courses we have offered over the last few years have met with such success amongst participants and that DigiTraining Plus, to be held in Prague and Bratislava between 26 and 30 August this year, will reach its fifteenth edition in 2015.

"Beyond the Blue with MEDIA Salles": an invitation we address to you and a commitment we confirm on behalf of us all.

Elisabetta Brunella
Secretary General

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 Be curious, be critical!
You can't miss the next course!

"DigiTraining Plus 2015:
What do you do with digital now
you've got it?"

26-30 August 2015 - Prague and Bratislava


Presented at the Berlinale on 7 Feb. 2015 the new DiGiTalk
MEDIA Salles - The DiGiTalk Photogallery 2015

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