Founded in 1991 in the context of the EU MEDIA Programme, MEDIA Salles has been providing information,
promotion and training services to the European cinema community since then.




The MEDIA Salles Executive Committee - CV

Paolo Protti, President,
born in Mantova - ITALY on 20/11/1951

After classical studies, Paolo Protti started working in the cinema exhibition company owned by his family in the Seventies, also organising theatrical and musical events.
In the Eighties, he established his own company and opened cinemas in Mantova, his hometown. In addition, he continued to promote cultural events collaborating with local public institutions. In 1999 his new company (Procine) opened the multiscreen complex "Cinecity" in Mantova.
Since 2009, one of his cinemas - "Multisala Ariston" - has been hosting, the yearly convention of the Italian art-house cinemas organised by FICE.
In 2011 he converted his cinemas to digital technology. Alongside his professional career, Paolo Protti has been involved in the activities of ANEC, the Italian Cinema Exhibitors' Association, and of AGIS, the umbrella organisation representing the whole entertainment section in Italy, holding several positions, including his role as President of ANEC (2005 - 2011) and of President of AGIS (2010 - 2012).
In 2010 he became President of the "Schermi di Qualità" committee, a special project with support from the Italian Ministry of Culture. In May 2015 he became President of MEDIA Salles and was elected again in 2019.

Tero Koistinen, Vice-President
born in Helsinki - FINLAND on 21/10/1967

He has been CEO of the Finnish Chamber of Films since 2009 and Executive Director of the Finnish Cinema Exhibitors' Association since 2006.
A graduate of the University of Joensuu and a Post-Graduate Student at the Finnish Graduate School of Literature, he later became a Lecturer on cinema at Joensuu University from 2002-2005 and Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Finnish Language, Literature and Cultural Studies from 1999-2005.
He also worked as Project Manager of the Development Project for Digital Projection in Cinemas in Joensuu.
He is a Member of the Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists and the Finnish Literary Society and author of numerous articles and film criticisms.
Tero Koistinen has attended many MEDIA Salles' DigiTraining courses.

Mike Vickers, Treasurer
born in Hardow - UNITED KINGDOM on 03/10/1946

He has worked in distribution and film booking for nearly 50 years - programming cinemas in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Portugal and Romania - and is recognised as one of the most innovative film bookers and schedulers.
He is a past President of the UK's exhibitor trade association (CEA) and current executive board member. He also has European connections via the EU's MEDIA subprogramme MEDIA Salles, where he is a long serving board member and Treasurer. He was contracted to assist with the live broadcast from the prestigious British Museum that was screened into over 350 cinemas in the UK, titled Vikings Live From the British Museum. He has recently been working on the distribution of the documentary Nobody told us anything that reveals the story of the British Nuclear Test Veterans who served during the Atomic Bomb test in the South Pacific after WWII.

Tibor Bìró, Executive Committee Member
born in Storaljaujhely - HUNGARY on 05/12/1959

Hungarian exhibitor and festival director. For more than 30 years he has been working in film distribution and cinema operation. He is the head of a company operating two art cinemas in Miskolc. He is the founder and managing director of the Jameson Cinefest International Film Festival of Miskolc, which is nowadays the biggest film event in Hungary. He is a regular lecturer and participant of professional events of the film industry in Hungary and in Europe too. He is a board member of the Paris based Cicae (International Confederation of Art Cinemas) and he is an Executive Committee Member of MEDIA Salles (the international association based in Italy). Regular member of jury in well-known European festivals, such as: Berlinale; Locarno; RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival, Festroia (Portugal).

From the STATUTE of the MEDIA Salles Association

Article 8
The offices of the members of the Executive Committee shall be gratuitous, except for the reimbursement of possible expenses incurred because of the performance of the institutional tasks against regular accounting documentation delivered to the Association.

Articolo 8
Gli incarichi dei componenti il Comitato Esecutivo sono gratuiti, fatto salvo il rimborso delle spese sostenute a ragione dello svolgimento dei compiti istituzionali, a fronte di regolari giustificativi consegnati all'Associazione.