Original Title

La vita che vorrei

Also Known As:

The Life I Want (International: English title)


Giuseppe Piccioni



Country of origin


Language spoken


Year of production


Box Office

Opening Weekend
€423,900 (Italy) (1 October 2004) (172 Screens)


Lionello Cerri per Raicinema, Lumiere & Co., Mikado, Mtm Medien & Television Munchen

Domestic distribution/ World sales

01 Distribuzione (Italy)/Adriana Chiesa Enterprises

Domestic release

1 October 2004 (Italy)

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David di Donatello Awards
year: 2005
result: nominated
award: David
Best Actress Sandra Ciccarelli
Best Cinematography Arnaldo Catinari
Best Costume Design Maria Rita Barbera
Best Production Design Marco Dentici
Best Supporting Actress Galatea Ranzi


Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
year: 2005
result: won
award: Silver Ribbon
category/recipient: Best Sound Alessandro Zanon  - Also for Chiavi di casa, Le (2004).

year: 2005
result: nominated
award: Silver Ribbon
Best Costume Design Maria Rita Barbera
Best Production Design Marco Dentici  


Montréal World Film Festival
year: 2004
result: nominated
award: Grand Prix des Amériques
category/recipient: Giuseppe Piccioni


Moscow International Film Festival
year: 2005
result: nominated
award: Golden St. George
category/recipient: Giuseppe Piccioni 



Love inevitably explodes on the set when Laura is cast to play the devastating leading actress opposite Stefano in a film in which the two portray secret forbidden lovers. As shooting begins, the actor, known for his cool reserve and self-control, gradually surrenders to the intense attraction of Laura's impetuous and deeply sensuous aura, the spontaneous generosity of her emotions.
Day after day, the young couple recite their words of love and, despite themselves, fall deeper and deeper in love. These words seem to be a forgotten language meant only for the two of them. As actors, they begin to take refuge in the intimate duality of the film's story and their own real lives, finding a way to say the inexpressible and declare the mystery of their new feelings.
Laura and Stefano, however, soon find themselves torn between the make-believe of the film's stolen embraces, fugues and repressed desires, and the intoxicating reality of their own true love story. As their characters' destinies interweave inextricably with their own, their play of roles becomes a mirror image of the tortuous passion of the lovers in their film.